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A Day Of Sober Rejoicing. We must realize that our being one will take looking to the Lord for help. There will be problems of coordination which must be worked out with patience, with being servants to each other. This will not happen automatically. It will take conscious thought, prayer, and a realistic love not to let our egotisms spoil that which God has given us.

I would just say to you there are going to be months, there are going to be times, that you are consciously going to have to realize that there are things that have be worked out in love, and it is imperative that as these things are worked out that the things of personal egotism and personal preference which is not principle would not spoil that which God has given us. Managing our Personal Pastoral Lives. How well do you Manage your personal life, is it with godly terms?

When I was with a church growth-consulting firm, we did a major study of pastors, and came up with some startling statistics Desarrollando tu Caminar con Dios. Spiritual Gifts Session Four. Remember this important fact; the Prime Directive for Spiritual Gifts is for service to God's family! As you grow in the understanding and use of your Spiritual Gifts, you will realize that you are in a relationship of dependence upon Christ.

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