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We will travel from one location to another in multiple ways: Only one thing is for sure: We will taste lots of Dutch food. The Game will take place around Arnhem and the Veluwe. Arnhem is located on both banks of the river Rhine actually Nederrijn and is known from operation Market Garden, a military operation in World War 2.

The river Rhine has been used many times as a border within the Netherlands. The Romans never seemed to be able to pass it and during many wars other European nations stumbled upon it during their search for expansion. Next to Arnhem, another nice city situated along the Rhine is Wageningen, where a peace treaty was signed after World War 2.

The Veluwe is the largest lowland natural terrain in Northwest Europe. Do you stand with both feet on the ground? Can you make choices quickly? And is convincing others one of your specialties? Then The Game is the right Path for you. Alors vous devriez rejoindre Le Jeu! Vous ne pouvez choisir entre aventure, amusement et culture? Nous avons tout cela! Voulez-vous rester les deux pieds sur la terre ferme? Pouvez-vous faire des choix rapidement? Alors Le Jeu est le bon Sentier pour vous.

This Path is set in the province of Zeeland, in the south-west of the Netherlands and its capital is Middelburg. Gaining and losing land runs like a red thread through history. Apart from the dunes, the whole province is below sea level. During a 27 kilometres hike you will really be able to experience the scenery, a mixture of polder landscape with farmland and orchards defined by characteristic dykes. After the Opening Ceremony on Scheveningen beach you will travel to the south of the Netherlands, to the beautiful area around the village of Heeze.

Cooking on open fire will be one of the possibilities. Not everything will be nature as you are going to spend some time in Amsterdam too.

During a day and a night you are going to experience some national culture and history. Of course there will be plenty of time to walk around and discover the city too. You are going to experience the Netherlands the way the Dutch do, from forest to seaside. Tout ne se passera pas en pleine nature puisque vous aurez aussi du temps pour visiter Amsterdam. Are you up for a culinary adventure?

Are you a king or queen of the kitchen? Do you watch Masterchef shows on repeat? Then, this Path is just right for you. During this Path, you will find out everything about food: Your tastebuds will have the best ever!

Whether you want to know about its origin or because you want to have genuine quality time with friends and family, food always go well with good conversation, laughter and discussions. Your fellow Rovers and Rangers will have an important role in this food journey.

What do you think of the division of food in the world? What is your opinion on improving our carbon footprint through eating habits?

What is healthy food? Etes-vous partant pour une aventure culinaire? Alors, ce Sentier est parfait pour vous. Sur ce Sentier, tout tournera autour de la nourriture: Vous aiderez une ferme viticole locale et cueillerez les meilleurs fruits pour votre dessert. On this Path, you will explore the beauty of Zuid-Limburg: When you join this Path, you will have a unique experience during the first part of Roverway The nature, with its typical hills, history and characteristics will play a major role in your trip through the south.

You will start at a Scouting building. Here you will celebrate the start of the Roverway with a nice and warm campfire. You will spend most of the second day, hiking through the hills of Zuid-Limburg. You will be sleeping at a great location, where you will put together your own outdoor cinema. The second day of your hike, you will arrive in Maastricht. You will have spare time in the city which you can fill in yourself.

Exciting days will continue from here onwards. Vous aurez du temps libre pour profiter de la ville. Together with the other Rovers and Rangers you are going to explore Twente.

You will climb in a climbing forest, go hiking in the beautiful nature of Germany, go abseiling from the 30 metres high Pulvertum tower at the castle in Bad-Bentheim and other awesome activities at an outdoor challenge park.

Twente is famous for its handmade wooden shoes. That is why a tour to this factory is a must-see when you are in the Netherlands. You are also going to get a tour on the site of Johma, the biggest tossed salad factory in the Netherlands. Here you are going to see how different salads are made and you are going to have the chance to make some yourself with biological products.

Although you will have a basecamp, you will leave it behind for an overnight stay at a local farm where you will also spend a day, experiencing what it is like to be a farmer. There will be plenty of time to get together with the other Rovers and Rangers and exchange about your local footwear, dialects, traditions or whatever comes to mind. After all the activities you will have a had a good preparation for the last days of your Roverway adventure.

Avec les autres Rovers et Rangers, vous explorerez Twente. The Netherlands is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. For this reason you are going to seek the eye of the storm; to find calm in the crowd. At the first evening, a vocal coach will teach you a song that you will get to sing at several occasions and at different locations.

A yoga teacher will share different ways to relax and show you some meditation techniques. You are going to explore the Weerribben nature reserve by bike and ramble the streets of one of the many Hanseatic cities, where you might even be able to experience the peace of a monastery or similar religious monument.

One day, you will join one of the crews in charge of nature preservation. Preparing and enjoying food will have your undivided meditative attention. During a bike trip across the fields, you will discover where most of our food for this path is grown and nurtured. Your individual aim will be to find out what makes you feel comfortable, what gives you energy to keep you going or what calms you down.

What we live in. It is quite difficult to actually define what the Universe means, but fortunately the Guide doesn't worry about that and just gives us some useful information to live in it. The Guide has some information to share with you about a strange and little country called the Netherlands.

By following its suggestions you will experience sleeping under the stars and get to know prehistoric buildings. They must have been left by unknown ancestors probably aliens with little sense of design , because you know even in time… Opposites Attract.

People are capable of horrible things too and you will see that with your own eyes in Westerbork, a transit camp that was erected in The Guide suggests you enjoy the time you spend with other Hitchhikers from all over this blue planet, share your experiences, play galactic games and sing around a campfire.

Your Guides, like yourself, come from different parts of this blue planet. And they are the craziest Hitchhikers you can find around! Tout autour de nous. You will explore the seat of the cabinet of the Netherlands, The Hague, and one of the oldest university cities in the country, Leiden.

You will be able to form a well-grounded perspective on these cities by participating in games and excursions. The results will be used as props for the variety show night Bonte avond where everyone will share their talents.

Of course there will be some active and typical Scouting camp activities in the programme, such as hiking, cooking, swimming and singing around a campfire.

You are able to add your own touch by planning and carrying out a nice evening programme or cook a delicious meal for your Patrol. So have you ever wondered what scouting looks like in the urban areas of the Netherlands? And are you longing for a good dose of cultural activities? Alors rejoignez ce Sentier! Roverway will kick off in city of The Hague.

The Hague is internationally recognised as the city of peace and justice: Two characteristics that are linked to modern democracies. You will experience how that is put into good use when you are going the explore the meaning of democracy. You'll start with a walk around town to get to know each other a little better and get a sense of the surroundings.

The rest of the programme is designed to have a look at challenges that come around with democracy and learn how to practice democratic decision making. Of course there will be enough time to relax and do some games and fun activities. During a traditional international evening you can introduce local folklore, culture and specialities to the other Rovers and Rangers. The Eendenkooi has everything we need for a successful Path and the staff is eager to host you and your Patrol.

This Path is located in the middle of the Netherlands. During this Path you will explore the Netherlands whilst hiking about 15 kilometres per day. Every day, while hiking, you will come across beautiful places and you will have time to get to know each other better. During this Path you will not only learn about the country and Dutch behaviour, but also about Dutch culture. At dinnertime you will have the opportunity to cook your own food, together as a group.

Cooperation and teamwork are essential. Are you an active outdoor scout who likes to hike? Would you like to explore the Netherlands in an extraordinary way? Are you passionate about nature, but would like to find out about Dutch culture too? Then this Path is the right one for you! Alors ce Sentier est le bon pour vous! The name of this Path refers to the beautiful cities and nature that the province Noord Brabant in The Netherlands has to offer. During this Path, you will explore the cities Bergen op Zoom and Breda and their surroundings.

During the day, you will discover the city, experience urban nature, enjoy activities together, experience city culture and learn a bit about the history of the city.

Besides that, you will also get to enjoy both nature and history in the area around the cities. In the evenings, there will be a campfire and time to get to know each other.

Au cours de ce Sentier, vous explorerez les villes et les environs de Bergen op Zoom et de Breda. You are going to camp in the city of Alkmaar, explore the famous cheese market and the old city centre of this typical Holland-style town. Maybe you get the chance to carry the cheeses yourself in a cheese carrying race. You are going to visit windmills, see how they are constructed and why they were so important.

As a green environment is important for the wellbeing of people, it is always a struggle to find balance between building, agriculture and nature. A lot of the nature is actually cultivated, but nonetheless the areas are important so they need to be maintained. In the evening you can exchange experiences and examples about how things are done in your country. In the evening hours you fill your time with cooking, making music and playing games. Les Chefs de sentiers vous aideront sur tout ce dont vous avez besoin.

The Netherlands are known for their windmills and tulips, but also for having so much water around in so many forms. In an ever-increasing technological world, innovations have their impact in the water environment too.

The severe effects of plastics and oils on water are widely known, like deceased sea animals appearing on beaches with their stomach full of plastic.

Plastic was considered a technological revolution when discovered, but the effect due to overuse, improper ditching and long disintegration times are preposterous. In trying to compensate for this mistake, technology can have a crucial role too. In recent years, several solutions have appeared to overcome and compensate for mistakes from the past. In the lead are renewable energies that could be named as alternatives for fossil fuels which deteriorate the ozone layer.

Another example are technology companies which have developed different devices with the common goal of improving the environment.

During this Path you find out about renewable energies and technological solutions to clean and filter water in the northern part of the Netherlands. You are invited to:. A hundred years ago a strange man told a few boys that they should not take themselves too seriously, and that they should put Love into everything they made.

This is also a key element which will enable you to paddle your own canoe. You will camp in the most beautiful part of the country, meet great people from all around Europe and get to know yourself and others a little better. You will have the chance to leave a positive mark in the local community and in the lives of people in need for your smile and your hug. We live in an ever changing, stressful world that never seems to slow down.

This path is about slowing down, reflecting on important topics, connecting with others and having new experiences. You are not going to be rushing around or walking all day but we hope you will learn something about yourself, others and the diverse and complicated world we live in. You will be camping in a beautiful setting in the north of the country surrounded by nature.

This Path is right for you when you are looking forward to being active at your own pace, hiking, canoeing and relaxing! Discover the Dutch waters and travel by canoe; feel the strength of the wind and use it to bake your own bread. Discover the biodiversity around you while camping in a forest in shelters made from wood and leaves.

Taste what nature has to offer, by doing some wild-cooking. I bet you can cook amazing traditional dishes for them. What does spirituality mean to you? If you are not so sure about the answer or, a better scenario, you have already started defining one for this question you might have realised that in a fast-moving world, it is necessary to stop for a moment and ponder. Once you embark on a journey of self-examination and research on the world around you in terms of personal values, identity and direction, you might need some tools to guide you.

Only then it makes sense for you to make a conscious decision to be the protagonist of YOUR story, with a bold and self-conscious spirit. You are invited to join this Path of spiritual exploration; Who are you, who are the others and who are we together?

You will explore self-expression through art: You will also connect to the beautiful nature around us through observation, meditation and mindfulness. We consider it essential to understand and honour the relationship we have with our bodies and our nutrition.

Therefore, we will cook all of our meals with locally sourced ingredients and with appreciation of the diversity of our eating habits. To explore the scenery around us even more, you will go on a hike and you will camp on a different site for a night.

When you join this Path you will become part of a bigger initiative started by Spiriteco, a worldwide network of scouts focusing on the development of the spiritual dimension in all its diversity. Nous allons explorer l'expression de soi par le biais des arts: This Path is about experiencing the essence of Rovering and share this with people from different countries. During this Path you will come across as many Rover activities as we can put in six days: Get to know Dutch people and help them with those things they need most.

Find the best version of yourself, being aware of the others, the world around us, while discovering the most beautiful landscape in Netherlands. Simplicity and complexity complement each other well. You can also contribute to it and enhance so it will become the team's best experience.

The breathtaking landscape in the northern part of the Netherlands offers the opportunity to be creative, experience nature and discover spirituality. This path will include a hands-on approach to journal writing which will help you in personal documentation of reflections and thoughts. Photography will be used constantly as a tool to capture moments of interaction and perspectives. You will feel like a tourist when socializing with the locals and your diverse patrols mixed nationalities and absorb traditions and cultures.

Do you spend your daily life sitting still all day? Do you want to change it? During this Path you will be challenged to try all the traditional ways for Dutch people to move over land land hiking, cycling and across Dutch water. While you do this, you will have opportunities to think about what makes you unique and about your own points of view, while living and sharing your thoughts and culture with Rovers and Rangers from all over Europe. Vous voulez du changement? Do you want to have a say in the future of Scouting in Europe?

Do you have ideas on how to tackle the challenges Scouting faces every day? Do you want to use your voice and opinion to work with others to affect change? You are going to discuss and exchange your views with Rovers and Rangers from around Europe on how to improve Scouting and strengthen Rovering for another hundred years.

You will contribute to the development of the next European Regional Scout Plan and you are going to challenge yourself to experience life from the perspective of others while also seeking adventure in the local environment. Voulez-vous faire valoir vos opinions et travailler en collaboration pour amener un changement?

This Path will challenge you in many ways; both physically not so much and mentally a lot more. You will have the opportunity to develop a wide variety of skills through interactive games and exercises which are all designed to make you think about your approach towards decision making in Scouting and the world in general. You will explore topics such as leadership, problem solving, strategic and operational planning and try to gain an understanding of how things happen in other parts of the world.

You will also visit some local attractions and enjoy the countryside and Dutch culture. Teamwork, creativity, curiosity and community will have key roles throughout the programme and the outcomes and suggestions gathered over the time will find their way towards the Working Methods Team of the European Scout Region.

On the last day you will use all the input you got over the week and explore how you can translate your scouting skills and knowledge to your everyday life and career. We hope you find this an interesting Path and consider joining to share a fun and active programme. We are in times of changes. While the consequences of human activities on the environment require of us global and local actions, the digital revolution imposes many changes on us as well.

With changes come new challenges. Are those changes related? Do they require conflicting measures? Can we put technology at the service of the environment? During this Path, we invite you to join us in order to learn more on the topics of climate change, sustainability and technology. Come discover, discuss and develop ideas to best accommodate us to the environmental and technological changes occurring in our society!

Through activities both physical and specific to the problem of climate change, become an agent of change in your community! All this in a camp with the aim to be a 'zero waste camp'! Are you up for the challenge? Avec ces changements viennent de nouveaux challenges. We want you to celebrate all things about you, and encourage others to do the same! Have the opportunity to work with the Free Being Me programme in a different way, learning more about body confidence and applying this knowledge through an awareness raising project led by you.

Un challenge excitant, une audace, etc. Voici ses personnages vivants. Et ce fut le vertige. Aux premiers mots, aux premiers pas. Et Marwan, et Charbel, et Nakad, et Aurore, tous les autres. Pas devant nous, pas devant moi. Au bout une explosion A ne pas Manquer.

Arlequin saura t-il voir le roi singe qui sommeille en lui? Le Masque Boiteux, histoire de soldats Une galerie de personnages: Pulcinella fait son caprice: Le conteur vient de loin. Il va de place publique en carrefour, il marche du matin au soir. Le soir, il parle. Masques, costumes, beaucoup de couleurs et de passion: Visite du temple Banteay Srei, la Citadelle des femmes. Repas au restaurant et spectacle de danse Apsara.

Repas au restaurant avant de rejoindre votre navire. Retour en direction de la France. Repas barbecue avec spectacle de fauconnerie et de danse orientale. Visite du quartier ultra contemporain de la Marina et la Canyan Tower.

Commence alors la route aux plus de virages. Transfert pour le centre de Tokyo. Repas et nuit dans un Ryokan, auberge traditionnelle japonaise. Route en direction de Kyoto. Promenade pittoresque dans la rue de Sannenkaza avec ses superbes ruelles pour le shopping. Accueil avec collier de fleurs par votre guide. Repas dans un restaurant flottant.

Repas en cours de visites. Poursuite vers Chiang Mai. Visite des ateliers de laque, nacre, soie… Temps libre pour le shopping.

Repas Kantoke avec danses folkloriques. Repas avant de reprendre la route pour Chiang Rai. Rencontre avec la tribu Akha. Repas au bord du lac Phayao. Repas dans un restaurant local et nuit. Visite de Myinkaba un peu plus au sud. Repas dans un restaurant local sur pilotis.

Repas au Red Mountain Vineyard Estate. Repas avec spectacle de danses Shan. Temps libre pour un dernier shopping Note: Petit temps libre pour se reposer. Route pour Sa Dec. Repas et nuit sur la jonque. Balade dans le quartier Ba Dinh: Continuation avec la Citadelle des Femmes, le Banteay Srei.

Visite du village traditionnel. Balade dans le quartier musulman. Il renferme de magnifiques collections de jades, de porcelaines, de bronze, de superbes estampes… Repas. Enregistrement et envol pour la France. Repas avec musique et danse du Rajasthan et nuit. Repas et nuit sous tente. Visite de son fort et de ses vieux palais. Promenade dans la vieille ville et ses bazars. Balade dans la veille ville de Jodhpur. Route en direction de Jaipur, capitale du Rajasthan.

Continuation en direction de Dholpur. Au sommet, se dresse le temple de Sri Chamunderswari. Balade dans le quartier juif et visite du palais hollandais: Elle est reconnue pour abriter de nombreux temples. Elle fut la capitale des grands royaumes dravidiens.

Spectacle des funambules acrobaties ouzbeks. Repas dans une restaurant traditionnel. Rencontre avec une famille locale et apprentissage de leurs us et coutumes. Repas avec la famille villageoise. Excursion dans une fabrique de tapis de soie. Repas au restaurant en cours de visites. Repas dans une demeure traditionnelle ouzbek. Repas dans un restaurant en ville en cours de visites. Repas au restaurant en ville. Continuation en direction de Kandy. Spectacle de danses classiques, folkloriques et traditionnelles kandyennes au rythme des tambours.

Repas au restaurant avec vue sur les cascades environnantes. Le parc national de Yala est le plus grand du pays. Visite de Bedugul et de son temple. Repas au bord de la caldeira. Repas de Baby Guling: Continuation en direction de Klungkung.

Visite du Kerta Gosa. Envol pour la France. Temps libre dans la capitale. Repas dans un restaurant avec vue panoramique sur les chutes.

Temps libre pour le shopping. Vol retour pour la France. Repas puis route vers Toronto. Repas dans un restaurant panoramique avec vue sur les chutes. Un fleuve, le Potomac serpente la verdure. Continuation vers le nord en direction de New-York. Ce quartier plein de charme offre des vues exceptionnelles sur Manhattan.

Accueil par notre guide-accompagnateur. Repas au Quincy Market. Times Square, New York J. Malcolm X, Martin Luther King. Poursuite vers Harrisburg, la capitale de la Pennsylvanie.

Repas sous forme de buffet. En option sur place: Repas sous forme de pique-nique dans le parc. Repas sur le port de la Baie. Visite du centre officiel de la Nasa, le Houston Space Center. Route pour Avery Island. Visite de la fameuse Tabasco Fabric. Le lieu est aussi devenu un sanctuaire pour les oiseaux.

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